Few things to know about gastric balloon

The gastric balloon is an inflatable balloon that is inserted into the stomach orally through an endoscope. The balloon inflates inside and reduces the stomach capacity and in turn reduces the hunger of the person, thus helping in reducing weight. it is the best weight loss treatment for a person when diet and exercise have failed for him and he doesn’t want any surgery.

How gastric balloon works?

The gastric balloon is temporarily placed into your stomach, and it is inserted through your mouth. The inflated balloon takes up space in your stomach creating a feeling of fullness. Therefore hunger is reduced and you start to eat less. This system hence facilitates weight loss.

However, this treatment should be done by professional. There is a team of experts offering gastric balloon in Dubai, who make sure to perform gastric balloon procedure very carefully. They will also guide you regarding the nutrition intake and the exercises that you must do for the gastric balloon to be effective and successful.

What are the benefits of gastric balloon

  • Incision free.

  • It is a quick procedure and do not require you to be admitted.

  • Quick recovery.

Complications and risks

Although it is a safe and less complicated procedure, but you may experience these.

  • Leakage or bursting of balloon in the stomach.

  • A rupture or bleeding in stomach due to the faulty insertion of the balloon.

  • Gastric problems, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting.

Gastric balloon is a good step to reduce weight. But for an effective weight loss you must always consult a professional offering the procedure of gastric balloon in Dubai. Visit https://www.weightlosssurgerydubai.com/ for more information.


Different types of cables used in cable trays

A lot of people opt to buy cable trays in Dubai as they offer support, protect and also route cables enabling effective cable management system. There are two main components of cable management – while one is the cable tray, the other is the cable itself. And hence, it is very important to understand how to apply cables in a cable tray.

While most cable tray manufacturers in UAE offer helpful information, it is always better to know in detail. Let’s start with the basics. Cable trays are high-quality products that can withstand rigours of environmental conditions. The cables can be rated for indoor, outdoor, use in corrosive areas, hazardous locations, or in areas with high electrical noise. They also have an indicator saying that the cables have been tested for their resistances.

The types of cables that fit in cable trays should be heat resistant. Other considerations include fill capacity, cable splicing, allowable amp-capacity, and securing cables.

The most commonly used tray cables include –

  1. Power Limited Tray Cable
  2. Tray Cable
  3. Instrumentation Tray Cable
  4. Mineral Insulated, Metal Sheathed Cables
  5. Metal Clad Cables
  6. Optical Fiber Cables
  7. Communication Cables
  8. Fire Alarm Cables

All these cables can be managed efficiently using cable trays. However, one of the most important things to look for when buying cable trays is the quality. Always see to it that you opt for a seller who prioritises quality.

Are you looking for cable tray suppliers in Dubai, UAE? Contact Bonn Group for a smooth and satisfying experience.


The most significant thing about criminal law in Dubai

Criminal lawyers in Dubai are highly respected because of the very fact that the criminal laws in UAE are imposed very strictly. Though there is a reputation that the criminal laws in UAE are extremely stringent, it is also the reason why the crime rate is so low.

The criminal law in Dubai is similar to the system established in British nations. However, it takes significant inspiration from Islamic, Egyptian and French laws. While the criminal law in UAE is influenced by the Sharia Law, it is not strictly based on them. In most cases under criminal law, Sharia punishments are replaced by jail terms and penalty.

The Sharia Law has less say when it comes to civil and criminal law in Dubai. This helps in imposing the laws effectively.

Criminal Lawyers in Dubai

Law for Juveniles

The UAE laws treat a person who is 18 or below as a juvenile. Such offenders may not be imposed with capital punishment, imprisonment or fine. Instead, the law tries to guide them and help them with restorative justice. Such young offenders are put under the supervision of a responsible guardian.

People or offenders above the age of 18 are punished if proven guilty by the court. Some of the punishable offences in Dubai courts are –

  • Abortion: People involved may be jailed from 1 to 5 years.
  • Verbal Abuse: Abusing someone is punishable, especially if it is against sexual honor.
  • Rape: The offender gets capital punishment.
  • Apostasy: The offender gets capital punishment.
  • Homosexuality: While Dubai is very welcoming, homosexuality is not allowed and it is punishable.

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How a colonoscopy can save Your Life

Colorectal cancer is ranked as a third leading cause of deaths in the developed countries across the world. This is quite frustrating to know that a large number of patients could have been saved if they had scheduled a screening test in the early stages. There are many things you can do to prevent falling victim to collateral cancer aside from talking to a good Gastroenterologist Dubai.

good Gastroenterologist dubai

Know about your family history

Check with your close relative and family members to find out if they are any cases of colorectal cancer or any kind of gastroenterology disorders in the family. If you find any cases, you should consult your family doctor. He will refer you to a good Gastroenterologist in Dubai and ask you to get screened it regularly even before the age of 50.


Conduct self-examination

Keep an eye on your stools, If you find any change in the color, you may have a problem. The common problem could be finding blood in the stools, Consult your family doctor before coming to any conclusion as this abnormality can have other causes besides cancer.


Go for colonoscopies

Your gastroenterologist in Dubai can schedule conduct a colonoscopy. This test is recommended for both males and female who have crossed the age of 50. During the endoscopic examination of the colon and rectum, your doctor will check up for any abnormal clots, polyps and other symptoms of colorectal cancer. Doctors generally use sedatives during the test, which makes it easy for him to remove those polyps and send them to the laboratory for biopsy. You may have to see a gastroenterologist for a follow-up appointment after getting the reports.


Notwithstanding colonoscopy, there are different tests that screen for colon cancer, including fecal occult blood testing and sigmoidoscopy.


When a patient is suspicious about health and wellness issues, gaining peace of mind by undergoing tests to clear the doubts of the patient is very important. A screening will help you detect cancer in its early stages, with the right treatment and medication is there are chances of full recovery and lead a long and healthy life.  If you are looking out for best gastroenterologist visit Lapsurgery in Dubai.


Best turnkey solution for office

Turn key refers to something that has been completed, ready to use. If you are looking to revamp your office space for utilizing the unused space or transforming the space for utilizing the unused space or transforming the space for greater efficiency or moving from one place to another, make sure that you choose the right turn to fit out company for the job. A turnkey solution for office helps in setting up a working office from scrape. Interior designing companies in Dubai can help you to fully refurbish your office.

One of the great benefits of a turnkey solution for the office is that they are freed the responsibility of appointing and managing suppliers in Dubai to provide the best design and fit-out for office.

It is very important to have everything in one place. Integrated turnkey solutions for offered by interior designing companies in Dubai help you to address changes, adapt to advancing technology and improve your company’s performance and communicate with others more effectively.

office interior

Best turnkey designers offer solutions that are flexible, sustainable and affordable solutions for developing the interior of your office. There are many options available like

Interior movable walls and partitions

Prebuilt furniture’s


Suspended ceilings

Air conditioning and ventilation

In-plant offices

Glass office fronts

Floor finishing and floor covering solutions

Modular casework

Wiring to the walls

Density storage and filing

Kitchen and break out areas

Acoustics solutions

Furniture your office space

Access security systems


When planning to change the interior fit out for your office, it is important not only to take your current requirements into consideration but also to keep in mind the kind of your present prerequisites yet in addition to remember the sort of requirements that are probably going to emerge later. There is a possibility that your company may be experiencing growth soon and would that require expansion? Will you require more space or room for storage? You need to carefully analyze these factors before hiring interior fit out designer your office.

Apart from the above-mentioned features,At subgate interiors there are several other services available at reasonable prices within the requested time.

How To Apply Car Insurance In Sharjah?

If you have recently bought a  new car, then buying an appropriate car insurance policy should be your next move. According to the law in UAE, it is mandatory for a car owner to have a car insurance policy, or else he/she is liable for a hefty fine and can also be put behind bars. Therefore, buying a  car insurance  policy that will suit all your requirements is a must. And there are many car insurance brokers in Sharjah, who can help you get one.

car insurance

Unlike insurance agents, brokers do not work for a single insurance company. Therefore you must hire a car insurance broker in Sharjah to get quotes from the different companies that offer car insurance policies. Along  with this there are many other ways in which a broker can help you to get the best car insurance policy.

Here we shall be discussing about a ways to apply for car insurance:

Shop around: there are many insurance companies that offer car insurance policies, constructed for different requirements. The internet makes it quite easy for you to compare the rates and then select the best one according to your preferences and all this sitting within the comforts of your home. There are many insurance comparing sites, that provides and compares the insurance quotes, thus making the process a little easier for you.


Go for a higher deductible: it is often seen that most of the car owners choose a policy with lower deductibles. But the thing is if you choose one with a higher deductible, then a great deal of money can be saved on monthly premiums.


Hire an insurance broker: In place of giving time on searching on the internet about different car insurance policies, it is always better that you hire an insurance broker. He/she would ask you about your preferences and will then put forward the best type suiting your requirements. You will get professional assistance throughout the process of car insurance by an insurance broker.


PIBCo is amongst the best firms of insurance brokers in UAE, where you will be assisted by experts to get the best car insurance policy that suits your requirements.

How To Franchise a Cupcake Store?

When it comes to gourmet cupcakes, then these small deserts are seen in many celebrations that include birthdays, baby showers and even weddings. The popularity of these small dessert cakes in Dubai has increased in the recent times. This gives you as an entrepreneur with baking skills, a feasible option to run a cake shop in Dubai. But this small business of yours can be easily replicated. However franchising your bakery is the best way to help you expand your business at a fast pace.

Well, tackling it in the right way is also important as it can boost your profitability.so here we have a few ways to get franchise for your cupcake shop in Dubai.


  •         Find an apt location

The first way to franchise for your cake business is to select an appropriate location. For choosing an apt location for your bakery shop you must keep in mind the place that will make the most sense for your business. Since the baking and preparation methods vary greatly in different locations, you get flexibility in location choice for starting your business. Make sure that your cake business is located in a place where the baking items are easily accessible, and you can manage logistics easily.

  •         Organize every detail

Since franchising will require all of the exact guidelines and details about your cake shop in Dubai, you must initially organize it. This will help in running your business very smoothly. Consider every aspect from marketing, to business cards to improving your staff’s skill, and execute each of them in an appropriate manner. You can further develop an operation manual for the franchisees so that they can refer policies and practices quickly.

  •         Choose carefully

Be very selective when choosing a franchise for your bakery shop. Capital is not the only thing to consider. Besides this make sure that you are dealing with right people and also that they have an appropriate business background. The franchisee needs to be suitable and relevant to your cake shop in Dubai, so you need to be very careful before picking one.

G’s is one of the best and quite popular bakery stores in Dubai that sells cupcakes, cakes and other bakery delights for every occasion.

How CCTV Camera Works and How To Monitor

CCTV companies in Dubai sell such technology in order to ensure the safety of the public and also to prevent crimes. CCTV cameras are widely being used in supermarkets, jewelry stores and clothing stores to keep their business secured.


  • The technical aspect of the working of a CCTV camera


CCTV companies in Dubai make a CCTV with experienced engineers as its composition and working is complex. A CCTV camera comprises of security camera, cable, video recorder, storage unit and a display unit like a monitor. With the mutual working of these items, a CCTV camera can do its job properly.  With help of the cable, the captured image is sent to the monitor. Where, it is then converted to a video type.

  • ·         Wired and wireless CCTVs

In the case of a wired CCTV, coaxial cables are used to connect the camera and the monitor. Also, a single receiver is needed for each CCTV camera and as distance increase, the sound quality decreases. On the other hand, the wireless connection is the newest invention where a good quality is given even when the CCTVs are placed far from the monitor. Fortunately, a single receiver is needed for many CCTV cameras.

  •          Analogue and internet protocol CCTVs

The analogue CCTV uses analogue signals to store data in tape recorders. The image quality, picture resolution and speed is low. But, internet protocol CCTVs are the latest technology that provides better image quality, a higher resolution and works at a faster rate.  It is mainly used for streaming live videos like a webcam. These cameras make use of the internet for transferring data.

  •       Monitoring a CCTV camera

Based on the type of CCTV that you have, monitoring a CCTV varies. Some enable images to be send to multiple monitor, thus many officials can observe at once. Otherwise, monitoring is normally done on a single computer or TV.

A popular, well-known CCTV company in Dubai is the Majees Tech. It uses its most knowledgeable engineers to build a CCTV camera according to your preferences

Top 7 Best Brand For Laptop

Since there are a wide number of laptop manufacturing brands, selecting the best one is undoubtedly tough. Here in this article we have highlighted 7 of the best laptop brands for making your choice a bit easy. You can buy these laptops online in Dubai, for a genuine price. Moreover, you might also get some discount on your purchase from an online store.Since there are a wide number of laptop manufacturing brands, selecting the best one is undoubtedly tough. Here in this article we have highlighted 7 of the best laptop brands for making your choice a bit easy. You can buy these laptops online in Dubai, for a genuine price. Moreover, you might also get some discount on your purchase from an online store.

1.       Lenovo

Lenovo has been the most trustworthy brand for its range of notebooks and laptops at a wide range of price points, most of which are affordable. The top notch tech support of the brand makes it quite a reliable one over many other popular brands. You can buy Lenovo laptops online in Dubai from many of online shopping sites here.

2.   ASUS

The sleek design, amazing tech support and new innovations are few things that makes this brand close to the benchmark of Lenovo. ASUS has introduced award winning features in its new laptop models. The solid keyboard design and great audio visuals makes ASUS laptops a worth buy.as lead Dell brand to lead the charts for the past 2 years. The brand offers flamboyant designs in some of its recent gaming models and also continues with classic looks in many of the 14 inch notebooks. The high end quality and great performance output of this brand’s users have won the hearts of millions of users.

4.   HP

The keyboard comfort and excellent designs of the laptop has made HP earn a reputation in the world of laptops. Although their average tech support is a drawback, the performance of the Hewlett Packard laptops makes it stand out from the rest.

5.   Acer

Being affordable, Acer laptops are popular among masses. The brand produces sophisticated gaming models to a student chromebook to various other kinds of laptop models all at pocket friendly rates.

6.   Apple

The high quality and top notch technology has made apple enjoy the marvel of being the gold standard of the laptops market. Because of the rising competition, the ranking of Apple has decreased than what it used to be. The design, keyboard, display and a flawless tech support makes it popular among the crowd.

7.       Samsung

This brand is popular for creating highly innovative and creatively designed laptops and is now considered as a big player in the industry. Samsung manufactures ultra-modern, secure, smart looking laptops with improved productivity.

eDubbuy.com is an online store in Dubai where you can get great deals on the above mentioned brands of laptops.

5 Myths About Business Formation In Dubai

Business formation in Dubai is quite tough and risky. You might have heard stories like that and even watched such stuff in movies. Well, Hollywood and corporate ignorance have both played an important role in creating all such powerful myths about business formation in Dubai. So if you are planning to incorporate a company in Dubai, you must be very careful and make sure that you do not fall for any kind of myths. Let us make you familiar with the top 5 of them. Business formation in Dubai is quite tough and risky. You might have heard stories like that and even watched such stuff in movies. Well, Hollywood and corporate ignorance have both played an important role in creating all such powerful myths about business formation in Dubai. So if you are planning to incorporate a company in Dubai, you must be very careful and make sure that you do not fall for any kind of myths. Let us make you familiar with the top 5 of them.

1.       It is expensive. Of course if you want the company to be formed in a 100AED, then the procedure is quite expensive for you. But, most of the times it requires about 5000 AED to 10000 AED to set up a company in Dubai. This amount includes charges for all the paper work and legal formalities.

2.       Very lengthy and time consuming procedure. Well if you are looking for starting a company and thinking of proceeding with everything all by yourself, then definitely it would take time. Moreover you won’t be aware if you are doing it correctly or not. You must therefore hire professionals for this job who knows just everything about business formation in Dubai. They will help in business incorporation in as little as 72 hours.

3.   Knowledge of business and tax laws is required. Since every country, state and municipality has different rules and regulations, you might also imagine that you should be aware of all of them before you go to form a company in Dubai. However, in place of studying about all of them, if you hire a professional advisor who already has the knowledge of business setup and laws in Dubai, then enough of your time and money will be saved.

4.       Incorrect filing can get you arrested. Many of the movies might have made you believe this myth. But the truth is that if you file incorrectly, then you will be heavily charged instead of being thrown in jail. To avoid this you must hire a business consultant firm that can simplify your company formation in Dubai.

5.       Offshore companies in Dubai are illegal. This is a complete myth shown in many of the Hollywood movies. Starting a company (offshore or in the city) with intent of stealing is of coarse illegal. But setting up an offshore company is absolutely lawful and one of the safest and fastest way to own a business in Dubai.

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