Different types of cables used in cable trays

A lot of people opt to buy cable trays in Dubai as they offer support, protect and also route cables enabling effective cable management system. There are two main components of cable management – while one is the cable tray, the other is the cable itself. And hence, it is very important to understand how to apply cables in a cable tray.

While most cable tray manufacturers in UAE offer helpful information, it is always better to know in detail. Let’s start with the basics. Cable trays are high-quality products that can withstand rigours of environmental conditions. The cables can be rated for indoor, outdoor, use in corrosive areas, hazardous locations, or in areas with high electrical noise. They also have an indicator saying that the cables have been tested for their resistances.

The types of cables that fit in cable trays should be heat resistant. Other considerations include fill capacity, cable splicing, allowable amp-capacity, and securing cables.

The most commonly used tray cables include –

  1. Power Limited Tray Cable
  2. Tray Cable
  3. Instrumentation Tray Cable
  4. Mineral Insulated, Metal Sheathed Cables
  5. Metal Clad Cables
  6. Optical Fiber Cables
  7. Communication Cables
  8. Fire Alarm Cables

All these cables can be managed efficiently using cable trays. However, one of the most important things to look for when buying cable trays is the quality. Always see to it that you opt for a seller who prioritises quality.

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