The most significant thing about criminal law in Dubai

Criminal lawyers in Dubai are highly respected because of the very fact that the criminal laws in UAE are imposed very strictly. Though there is a reputation that the criminal laws in UAE are extremely stringent, it is also the reason why the crime rate is so low.

The criminal law in Dubai is similar to the system established in British nations. However, it takes significant inspiration from Islamic, Egyptian and French laws. While the criminal law in UAE is influenced by the Sharia Law, it is not strictly based on them. In most cases under criminal law, Sharia punishments are replaced by jail terms and penalty.

The Sharia Law has less say when it comes to civil and criminal law in Dubai. This helps in imposing the laws effectively.

Criminal Lawyers in Dubai

Law for Juveniles

The UAE laws treat a person who is 18 or below as a juvenile. Such offenders may not be imposed with capital punishment, imprisonment or fine. Instead, the law tries to guide them and help them with restorative justice. Such young offenders are put under the supervision of a responsible guardian.

People or offenders above the age of 18 are punished if proven guilty by the court. Some of the punishable offences in Dubai courts are –

  • Abortion: People involved may be jailed from 1 to 5 years.
  • Verbal Abuse: Abusing someone is punishable, especially if it is against sexual honor.
  • Rape: The offender gets capital punishment.
  • Apostasy: The offender gets capital punishment.
  • Homosexuality: While Dubai is very welcoming, homosexuality is not allowed and it is punishable.

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