Few things to know about gastric balloon

The gastric balloon is an inflatable balloon that is inserted into the stomach orally through an endoscope. The balloon inflates inside and reduces the stomach capacity and in turn reduces the hunger of the person, thus helping in reducing weight. it is the best weight loss treatment for a person when diet and exercise have failed for him and he doesn’t want any surgery.

How gastric balloon works?

The gastric balloon is temporarily placed into your stomach, and it is inserted through your mouth. The inflated balloon takes up space in your stomach creating a feeling of fullness. Therefore hunger is reduced and you start to eat less. This system hence facilitates weight loss.

However, this treatment should be done by professional. There is a team of experts offering gastric balloon in Dubai, who make sure to perform gastric balloon procedure very carefully. They will also guide you regarding the nutrition intake and the exercises that you must do for the gastric balloon to be effective and successful.

What are the benefits of gastric balloon

  • Incision free.

  • It is a quick procedure and do not require you to be admitted.

  • Quick recovery.

Complications and risks

Although it is a safe and less complicated procedure, but you may experience these.

  • Leakage or bursting of balloon in the stomach.

  • A rupture or bleeding in stomach due to the faulty insertion of the balloon.

  • Gastric problems, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting.

Gastric balloon is a good step to reduce weight. But for an effective weight loss you must always consult a professional offering the procedure of gastric balloon in Dubai. Visit https://www.weightlosssurgerydubai.com/ for more information.