Cool perfume hacks to smell amazing!

Who doesn’t want to smell wonderful throughout the day? We all do and that is the reason we purchase branded perfumes that stay fragrant for long! However, people at perfume shops in Dubai reveal that there are a few hacks to make the fragrance stay for a long time!

Here are a few, follow them and smell great for long!

perfume shops in Dubai

  • If you wish to make your perfume last longer then stop keeping it in damp places! Heat, light and humidity are enemies of perfumes! They break the perfumes and spoil them. The best places to store them are cool and dry places.
  • Make the scent stay longer by applying some Vaseline before spraying. For instance, if you are spraying it on the wrist, then apply Vaseline on the wrist before spraying.
  • Always apply an unscented spray before applying the fragrance! This will keep the scent locked in for long!
  • Spray before dressing! If you spray the perfume after shower and before dressing, then it will prevent staining your clothes.
  • Don’t rub or dab the perfume after spraying it. Rubbing it will make it disappear faster than intended. This means that the scent will not last longer!
  • To make the scent last longer, try to spot some dry target areas on your body. When you pick a warm spot to spray on, then it will diffuse the perfume onto the rest of the body! The neck, behind the knees, midriff, inside the elbows, the ankles and calves are the ideal spots.
  • To distribute it well, spray the scent in the air and then walk in the direction. This is the best way if you don’t wish the scent to be too strong.

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