FAQ for a trademark registration process in Dubai

A trademark can be simply sign or symbol that distinguishes your business goods and services from the other traders who sell similar product and services. It is generally a graphic representation in the form of your company’s logo or signature. If you choose and resister your trademark, the brand name or mark will be saved for you and no other company will be allowed to use the same logo or mark to sell their products or services. Here we shall be taking a look at the frequently asked questions that may also come across your mind during the Dubai trademark registration process.

Why should I register a trademark?

If you have your trademark registered with the authorities, you can attain a lot of benefits. you can exclusively use the trademark sign for creating your company’s goodwill, offering franchise, distinguishing yourself from competitors, to protect your mark to be used by third parties, and various other advantages.

Dubai trademark registration

In which class(es) should I register?

When you are out to register your trademark, you will be asked to describe the way you will be using the trademark for your products and services. On getting a clear description about your goods, you will be recommended the specific group of International Classification or the class(es) in which to register your trademark

In what countries should I register?

When it comes to the protection trademarks, then you must always know that it is regional. It is therefore advised that you should always register it in the countries where you plan to locate your business.

What if I want to have my mark registered in other countries?

If you want to sell your products in other countries and also wish to register trademarks there as well, then it would not affect your registration of the trademark in the UAE.

Who can register a trade-mark?

Whether you own a company, are an individual or partnership owner of a business, you can obtain a trademark registration for your products and services. Trade unions and lawful associations can also register for their wares and service identification marks, provided it is according to the Trade-marks Act and Regulations’ requirements.

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