Which web language you should use for your web development?

Choosing a language for web development involves many important things. It depends on the features you want, project requirements or on specific functionality. In this world where advanced technology plays a major role, static websites have now changed to dynamic websites, developed on different platforms.

Static websites consist of information that can never be changed and dynamic websites are user interactive. Also, the key factors on which languages depend upon are:

  1. Server Platform
  2. Server Software
  3. Programming ways
  4. Budget
  5. Database choice

Basic languages used in most databases are HTML and CSS. HTML is a markup language that will format your content and gives structure to it. Titles, heading, and texts come under it. CSS helps to set multiple web pages colors, layouts, and font. Other than HTML and CSS, we can make more complex and advanced websites through client side scripting and server side scripting. Many web development companies in Dubai use given languages mostly.


In client-side scripting, the code runs within the web browser such that all the files are temporarily downloaded by web browser from a web server and displays a static page even if there is no internet connection. Languages preferred in client-side scripting are JavaScript and ActionScript.

JavaScript will help you in bringing games, animation, interactivity, apps and other dynamic things to use. ActionScript gives further advancement of Video Streaming, Audio Streaming and Flash Animation. It is used for Adobe Flash Player.


Websites once made are needed to be hosted i.e. stored in a database on a web server. Server Side Scripting helps in transferring data from server to web server through coding. This makes the data manageable on the web server itself and is highly secure since the code is present on the web server itself rather than on an individual’s computer. The most preferred languages used for it are PHP, Java, Python and Ruby languages. PHP is an open source language preferred by more than 75% of people. It is compatible with multiple platforms and used by websites with low traffic. Java is used by websites having high traffic. Sam’s Club, Apple App Store and Amazon are some of the examples who have Java based platform. Python is preferred by people who emphasize on code readability. They can perform more actions with fewer lines of code. With large library of Python, it has many pre-coded functions and just like Java; it was developed to handle high traffic websites. Ruby is same as Python and has simple code. An open web framework to manage large traffic, it is used by famous websites like Twitter, Hulu, and Scribd.

These languages are preferred by many web development companies in Dubai and are excelling because of it in their fields.

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