Here is what your interior design preference says about you

Interior design companies in Dubai say that there are a lot of people who show immense interest in decorating their house to suit their tastes. They reveal that their design preferences speak a lot about their character and personality.

For those who are intrigued, check out what the preferences reveal –

  • The warm person: A home decorated with a lot of pillows and rugs mean that the host likes having gusts and likes the make them feel warm and welcome. Never say never to such hosts!
  • The classy person: People who love to decorate their spaces with gorgeous and artistic pieces from the ancient times – collectors of antiques – are usually classified as the sophisticated elite who have strong opinions about everything.
  • The fun lover: A hint of colour is all it needs to say that the person loves fun and would be willing to take the right steps for it. Colourful interiors and quirky decorations reflect the fun lovers.
  • Drama lover: There are people who love to give a dramatic touch to their interiors by doing something significantly different like monochrome designing or using strong pieces of art.
  • The mysterious: Mystery and the colour black go hand in hand. Not just black, people who like to add a hint of mystery to their daily lives prefer dark colours and peculiar decorations.