How a colonoscopy can save Your Life

Colorectal cancer is ranked as a third leading cause of deaths in the developed countries across the world. This is quite frustrating to know that a large number of patients could have been saved if they had scheduled a screening test in the early stages. There are many things you can do to prevent falling victim to collateral cancer aside from talking to a good Gastroenterologist Dubai.

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Know about your family history

Check with your close relative and family members to find out if they are any cases of colorectal cancer or any kind of gastroenterology disorders in the family. If you find any cases, you should consult your family doctor. He will refer you to a good Gastroenterologist in Dubai and ask you to get screened it regularly even before the age of 50.


Conduct self-examination

Keep an eye on your stools, If you find any change in the color, you may have a problem. The common problem could be finding blood in the stools, Consult your family doctor before coming to any conclusion as this abnormality can have other causes besides cancer.


Go for colonoscopies

Your gastroenterologist in Dubai can schedule conduct a colonoscopy. This test is recommended for both males and female who have crossed the age of 50. During the endoscopic examination of the colon and rectum, your doctor will check up for any abnormal clots, polyps and other symptoms of colorectal cancer. Doctors generally use sedatives during the test, which makes it easy for him to remove those polyps and send them to the laboratory for biopsy. You may have to see a gastroenterologist for a follow-up appointment after getting the reports.


Notwithstanding colonoscopy, there are different tests that screen for colon cancer, including fecal occult blood testing and sigmoidoscopy.


When a patient is suspicious about health and wellness issues, gaining peace of mind by undergoing tests to clear the doubts of the patient is very important. A screening will help you detect cancer in its early stages, with the right treatment and medication is there are chances of full recovery and lead a long and healthy life.  If you are looking out for best gastroenterologist visit Lapsurgery in Dubai.