How CCTV Camera Works and How To Monitor

CCTV companies in Dubai sell such technology in order to ensure the safety of the public and also to prevent crimes. CCTV cameras are widely being used in supermarkets, jewelry stores and clothing stores to keep their business secured.


  • The technical aspect of the working of a CCTV camera


CCTV companies in Dubai make a CCTV with experienced engineers as its composition and working is complex. A CCTV camera comprises of security camera, cable, video recorder, storage unit and a display unit like a monitor. With the mutual working of these items, a CCTV camera can do its job properly.  With help of the cable, the captured image is sent to the monitor. Where, it is then converted to a video type.

  • ·         Wired and wireless CCTVs

In the case of a wired CCTV, coaxial cables are used to connect the camera and the monitor. Also, a single receiver is needed for each CCTV camera and as distance increase, the sound quality decreases. On the other hand, the wireless connection is the newest invention where a good quality is given even when the CCTVs are placed far from the monitor. Fortunately, a single receiver is needed for many CCTV cameras.

  •          Analogue and internet protocol CCTVs

The analogue CCTV uses analogue signals to store data in tape recorders. The image quality, picture resolution and speed is low. But, internet protocol CCTVs are the latest technology that provides better image quality, a higher resolution and works at a faster rate.  It is mainly used for streaming live videos like a webcam. These cameras make use of the internet for transferring data.

  •       Monitoring a CCTV camera

Based on the type of CCTV that you have, monitoring a CCTV varies. Some enable images to be send to multiple monitor, thus many officials can observe at once. Otherwise, monitoring is normally done on a single computer or TV.

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