How To Apply Car Insurance In Sharjah?

If you have recently bought a  new car, then buying an appropriate car insurance policy should be your next move. According to the law in UAE, it is mandatory for a car owner to have a car insurance policy, or else he/she is liable for a hefty fine and can also be put behind bars. Therefore, buying a  car insurance  policy that will suit all your requirements is a must. And there are many car insurance brokers in Sharjah, who can help you get one.

car insurance

Unlike insurance agents, brokers do not work for a single insurance company. Therefore you must hire a car insurance broker in Sharjah to get quotes from the different companies that offer car insurance policies. Along  with this there are many other ways in which a broker can help you to get the best car insurance policy.

Here we shall be discussing about a ways to apply for car insurance:

Shop around: there are many insurance companies that offer car insurance policies, constructed for different requirements. The internet makes it quite easy for you to compare the rates and then select the best one according to your preferences and all this sitting within the comforts of your home. There are many insurance comparing sites, that provides and compares the insurance quotes, thus making the process a little easier for you.


Go for a higher deductible: it is often seen that most of the car owners choose a policy with lower deductibles. But the thing is if you choose one with a higher deductible, then a great deal of money can be saved on monthly premiums.


Hire an insurance broker: In place of giving time on searching on the internet about different car insurance policies, it is always better that you hire an insurance broker. He/she would ask you about your preferences and will then put forward the best type suiting your requirements. You will get professional assistance throughout the process of car insurance by an insurance broker.


PIBCo is amongst the best firms of insurance brokers in UAE, where you will be assisted by experts to get the best car insurance policy that suits your requirements.