FAQ for a trademark registration process in Dubai

A trademark can be simply sign or symbol that distinguishes your business goods and services from the other traders who sell similar product and services. It is generally a graphic representation in the form of your company’s logo or signature. If you choose and resister your trademark, the brand name or mark will be saved for you and no other company will be allowed to use the same logo or mark to sell their products or services. Here we shall be taking a look at the frequently asked questions that may also come across your mind during the Dubai trademark registration process.

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Need privacy for your online business

Privacy is one of the most important things that you will have to consider when starting an online business. In the world of fast growing online competition, and the ease to hack a website and access its private detains, it has become mandatory to explore the best online options to keep your website protected. Hiring high-quality web hosting services in Dubai is one way to stay protected.

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Consider these Points before setting up an LCC

If you are planning to set up LCC Company in Dubai, you cannot find a better place than here. Dubai is very famous for shopping malls, the shopping festival, Dubai skyline, trade, and commerce.

Working conditions in Dubai are quite different from other countries. Non-free zone for new investors and the foreign entity is a good opportunity with some restrictions on various grounds. Here are some points one should consider before planning to set up an LLC company formation in Dubai non-free zone or the mainland.

LLC Company formation in dubai

Ownership status-Dubai non-free zone or mainland requires a local partner or state holder with 51% ownership. Unlike the free so zone which can be completely owned by the foreign traders.

Local sponsor– A local sponsor is a UAE national or UAE-owned company, who is responsible for bringing you into this country. A sponsor is required even if you’re an investor, employee or tourist.

If you are a foreigner and wish to incorporate in Dubai, You require a local sponsor. If you wish to visit Dubai, you need a sponsor for Dubai. if you are in the Free zone, the free zone is your sponsor.

Authority-the Dubai non-free zone or mainland is an economic zone which is monitored by Department of economic development (DED).

Business jurisdictions-If you are planning to set up an LLC, the control of the business depends on you and the local sponsor or the business partner with respect to the business laws of UAE.

License’-The process of getting DED license and incorporating a company in mainland or LLC jurisdiction requires at this to some documents and permissions from the government authorities.

Cost- the cost usually depends on the nature and the size of the company you are planning to set up. License fees LLC contract, DED fees, trade name and license fees, Ministry of economic fees, Tejari fees, administrative services license fees, commercial service improvement fees are some of the common fees involved while setting up an LLC in Dubai.

Other factors such as the type of the company and the investments made are also considered.

Major aspects to consider when selecting an interior design company

For any living being, a home is the most wonderful and valuable resource which is also close to the heart. Every homeowner wants his/her home to look aesthetically pleasing and presumably the most flawless place on the earth. This is the reason; the idea of interior planning is the most popular across the globe. When it comes to selecting an Interior Designing Consultants in Dubai to give your home interiors a new and refreshing look, you should be extremely careful with your choices. Before you begin drawing down your thoughts or think to procure an expert planner, there are many important points you have to think upon before settling on an ultimate choice.

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Hire Web Developer – 10 Important Points to Ponder Upon

Online is the demand for today. The online presence is a critical factor for success and increases the return on investment. There are many web designers in Dubai offering these services. If you want to hire a web developer and web hosting company in dubai,  your website then below are the factors you are looking  to consider in getting the best fit, here are some:

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