Tips to avoid battery boiling in the car

Though it looks heavy and rugged, a car battery can be very sensitive. According to battery service experts, Car Battery Dubai negligent exploitation and lack of proper service can result in reduction in battery life. For instance, the electrolyte of a discharged battery can freeze in winter because of low density. Similarly, the battery boils in summers.

Boiling of the electrolyte may be an indication of a malfunction in the electrical system of the car. There are several reasons for battery boiling, some of them may be –

Overcharge: When the battery is overcharged, it gets heated up and results in battery boiling. It can happen because of a faulty regulator. The best way to prevent it is to get the regulator checked from time to time.

Incorrect exploitation/operation: This happens a lot of times. The car owner may forget to turn off the car accessories (multimedia, ac, heating, etc) when the car is turned off. This may cause the battery to boil. So the next time you are parking or turning off the car, see to it that all the accessories are turned off.

Short circuit of plates: The malfunctioning of the accumulator can lead to battery boiling. Therefore it is important that you keep examining the accumulator for possible defects.

Heat: The battery boils during high temperatures. The best way to avoid this is to keep it insulated when the temperatures get high.

Battery boiling can be harmful. A timely examination of the circuit may be very helpful. Get the battery checked on regular basis.

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